When capturing one of the best moments of your life, I always make sure to capture those moments that matter to you, so you can cherish them forever.
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I am well organised and I put a lot of planning into my photography so I can get all the photos you want and not be a burden to your day. I am very good at communicating and getting people together, so I will be very useful when getting those big family shots. I am there to capture your wonderful day, not to get in the way.

I am all about capturing the candid moments where you and your guest will not notice me photographing, so you get the best emotional shots of everyone at the wedding. I am sure you have loads of posed shots of everyone you love, so even though I will get them, I will make sure to get the real beautiful ones where you get to see the character of the people you love in the photos I shoot. I am all about capturing true emotion and the love and joy of the day, which is only done properly in photography where the people I’m photographing do not know I photographing them.
I am all about helping you make the day as stress-free as possible. I have been doing wedding photography for a few years now so you can count on me to deliver what you want, without having to worry where I am or if the job is being done properly. So you can enjoy your day with the people that matter most to you.
I make things nice and simple, I offer one package that you can alter to suit your needs.


I photograph from as early as you like all the way to midnight. I am a professional hard working photographer that has been photographing for over 5 years.

500 plus photos in high quality for print that you can do whatever you like with. Colour and black & white photos included.

An online photo album area, where you can buy prints and albums from. You can also invite friends and family to do the same and download the photos if you please. It’s password protected.

My price is £1000. If your budget is more we can add on to this package added extras like prints and photos albums.

If your price is lower, we can change the hours I work and photos you will get to make it fit in with your budget.

if you like what you see then give us an e-mail with the form down below.
Or at musketweddingphotography@gmail.com

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