Head Shots and Showreel for Actor. by Anthony Aitman

I was asked to take some head shots and film a showreel for an actor to help him get more work in the acting scene. This is something I’m very interested in as I do background extra work on films and I also direct and photograph on short film myself.

The actors name who asked for my services was Danny. He had three scenes he wanted to act out and have me film them. He was not 100% sure on how he wanted them to be filmed. So I help with my expertise and knowledge to make them the best they could be. I then hired out a village hall to shoot the scenes in and we where ready to go. Danny set me over some example shots of him doing the acting of the scenes to help me understand more on what I will be filming. We also discussed what clothes he should wear for each scene and also if he needed any props for the scenes. We spent a little time sorting these out as its important to have good detail in the shots to help improve the overall scene.

With all the planning and Danny’s skills in acting. It only took us half a day to shoot the three scenes. I then went back home and edited the shots together for him. I also edited them as separate scenes as well so he could use them separately. We focused mainly on making sure Danny’s acting was the main focus and everything else added was just there to improve the scene and not overpower is performance as they where all about showing off what acting he could do.

Here is the finished showreel I filmed, edited and graded for him.

Here are the head shots I took for him as well at the end of the filming.

If you are looking for some head shots and/or showreel, then get into contact with me at. musketphotogrphy@gmail.com. I am also available to do corporate head shots if that is something you are looking for as well.