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Ebony's 3rd Birthday Cake Smash by Anthony Aitman

It was my nieces third birthday and I photographed here doing a cake smash. I brought some flowers from the local flower shop to add interest in the background.

She decided to wash the cake off her hands in the pool, so I got some family time fun photos at the pool as well.

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Pet Photography at - A Dog's Life Presents A Festival For Dogs by Anthony Aitman

Here I was asked if I could offer pet photography for the festival that happens every year in the Grantham area that is run by the dog day care, A Dog’s Life Dog Day Care in Grantham. The company Mint Live was holding a stall there and they where the ones who came to me to see if we could team up and offer photography. I said yes and so the rest is history.

Mint Live sorted everything out in terms of the stall and planning for the day, while I made sure that I knew what best was needed to photograph in the not so idea environment of the outside sun and constantly changing light of the day.

Here is my basic but effect set up and our stall for the day.

Setting up for the days event.

Setting up for the days event.

I used a single off camera flash in a soft box with a silver bounce board opposite it to light the dogs up enough. To shut out the sunlight so only my flash and bounce board where doing all the lighting, I set my camera setting to have a high aperture, low ISO and high shutter speed. I also used a black background so I did not need to light the background and only needed to make sure the subject/s where only in need of being lit.

If there weather was good we could also photograph dogs getting married, (yes that is a real thing) SO you can see Amy on the left of the photo setting them up outside. We would only use sunlight to light that scene up. The weather stayed sunny but cloudy which was perfect conditions for photographing subjects outside.

It was a really fun day with lots of customers wanting their beloved dogs photographing. Here are the end results I got.

We did get to photography two dog weddings which you can see the results just here.


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Short Film Poster Art - The Prisoner by Anthony Aitman

I sometimes get to photograph film posters. This is the latest one I’ve done.

There was a scene in the film where he’s drowing in the bath, so I thought that would be the perfect place to photograph a good movie poster. The film is about depression and dealing with it, so I thought this photo showing him struggling with his depression in a moment of wanting to end his life, would suit this movie’s poster well. It would also be a very eye catching visual image that would hopefully draw people into wanting to watch the film.

The Prison.jpg

I also took some BTS photos as well.

You can watch the FULL Short Film down below.

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Amy & Steve's Wedding - 29th June 2019 by Anthony Aitman

It was a 5am start for me living in Lincolnshire, to be able to get down to Kidderminster for 9am. It was lovely driving down and seeing the sun slowly rise up around the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire. Going from flat land to hilly land is very refreshing.

I drove up to this lovely little Airbnb in Little Witley in Worcester. It was a massive garden designed for helping wildlife and letting plant life thrive. You stayed in a cute little lodge with a hot tub. The place is called, Cuttermoon Lodge.

Here is where the Bride and Bridesmaids where getting ready. It was one of the hottest days of the year and one of the best places I photographed a getting ready photo shoot.

Because the place was so Beautiful, we had to get some shots of the Bride, Bridesmaids and Father of the Bride before we set off to the main venue.

We then headed off to the main venue where they where getting married and the after party would be. Its an amazing little village hall in Kidderminster called, Rock Village Hall.

The ceremony was done outside under a beautiful massive old tree.

It was such a sunny day that they had a sports day as well.

Here are the rest of the photos from the day.

I also did a little montage video of the day which you can watch here.

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Cradle - Short Film Poster Art and BTS Photos. by Anthony Aitman

I was asked to go and take some photos for a short film called Cradle. It’s a film by Joe Facer & Adam Sandy who run a production studio called, Dreams Of Summer Productions.

It’s a very dark film that needed a quiet a cryptic poster art that had tones of darkness and sadness to it. it also had to be a familiar scene that everyone is aware of. That’s why I went with photographing the scene where the main character is digging a grave. I thought this would have the best shots for the poster art they where looking for.

Here are the finished poster I photographed and edited for them.

You can watch the full short film here:

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Head Shots and Showreel for Actor. by Anthony Aitman

I was asked to take some head shots and film a showreel for an actor to help him get more work in the acting scene. This is something I’m very interested in as I do background extra work on films and I also direct and photograph on short film myself.

The actors name who asked for my services was Danny. He had three scenes he wanted to act out and have me film them. He was not 100% sure on how he wanted them to be filmed. So I help with my expertise and knowledge to make them the best they could be. I then hired out a village hall to shoot the scenes in and we where ready to go. Danny set me over some example shots of him doing the acting of the scenes to help me understand more on what I will be filming. We also discussed what clothes he should wear for each scene and also if he needed any props for the scenes. We spent a little time sorting these out as its important to have good detail in the shots to help improve the overall scene.

With all the planning and Danny’s skills in acting. It only took us half a day to shoot the three scenes. I then went back home and edited the shots together for him. I also edited them as separate scenes as well so he could use them separately. We focused mainly on making sure Danny’s acting was the main focus and everything else added was just there to improve the scene and not overpower is performance as they where all about showing off what acting he could do.

Here is the finished showreel I filmed, edited and graded for him.

Here are the head shots I took for him as well at the end of the filming.

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Doddington Hall Accommodation photography by Anthony Aitman

Here are a selection of photos I took to show off the accommodation available at Doddinton Hall in Lincoln. It was a perfect summer day which was a bonus for all the outside shots as well. It took a full day to shoot all these photos.

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Jessica & Will's Wedding (My First Ever Wedding) Musket Wedding Photography by Anthony Aitman

I was very lucky to bag this as my first wedding to photograph. The couple where so lovely and relaxed with letting me and my photography partner go with the flow and photograph in our creative style.

Jess & Wills Wedding 42.jpg

We where so nervous about doing this wedding, that we did some rehearsals in a playing field near my house. We wanted to make sure we could get in the places we needed to be in order to get the shots we wanted. I have always been about being prepared and ready for any project I am involved in. So planning has always been a big part of my work ethics.

After getting stuck into the shoot of the wedding, I started to relax and forget about worrying as you don’t have time for that. You just have time to shoot and get the shots needed. I enjoyed it a lot more that I thought I would. I loved the pressure and how everything in your life was forgotten and all that matters was the moment you where in there and then and getting the shots. It’s all about being in the moment in all of the things you do in life. It’s how you truly enjoy life and get things done.

We met the couple thought her brother as we had filmed him a few times in his band called, Taken Root.

Escape Sessions

Song: Walk

Artist: Taken Root

So it was great to have a connection there to make the first time shooting a wedding a lot less scary. It felt more like shooting for a family member so it was a complete joy to do.

Here are the photos from the day.

It was such a great honour to shoot this wedding and for the couple to be so brilliant so my first wedding was a lovely introduction into wedding photography. I also got another wedding from doing this one which was fab.

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Escape Sessions (Youtube Music Channel) by Anthony Aitman

A place to listen to bands live, the way it’s meant to be.

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Roxanne & Will's Wedding at Kelham Hall & Country Park Newark by Anthony Aitman

This was my first ever summer wedding and what a summer it was. It was incredibly hot. I was down to my waistcoat to try and stay cool. It was perfect weather all day for the wedding. This made it very good for photography. The only problem was the ceremony was in the middle of the day when the sun was at it’s highest so there was very bright light and harsh hard shadows to try and deal with. Lucky there was plenty of places to reduce the harsh light to get some nice couple shots.

Will & Roxanne Wedding 243.jpg

The wedding was at Kelham Hall in Newark which is a beautiful place to get married. It has some lovely gardens to take photos as you can see here.

Will & Roxanne Wedding 245.jpg

You can see the rest of the photos in the gallery down below.

Album Art and BTS Photos for Coffee Breath's Music Video, A Familiar Feeling by Anthony Aitman

Me, Adam Sandy and Hamish Dickinson run a music channel on YouTube called Escape Sessions. Here we film bands live and take photos of them while doing it for our instagram page as well.

We filmed a talented band that met each other while studying at Birmingham Uni called Coffee Breath. Once we filmed the band performing a few live songs for our channel, (you can watch them HERE). They asked us if we would be free to help out making a music video with them. We of course said yes and a few months later they got into contact with us.

Coffee Breath playing their sessions at  Escape Sessions

Coffee Breath playing their sessions at Escape Sessions

They already had a Director (Mark Fenton) for the music video, so we where there to help make his visions come true. Adam Sandy was the main DP and I was the assistant DP/Photographer.

We had a load of Skype calls with the Director and band to talk about how to get this music video to work, how best we thought it would work and what they where wanting to be captured to tell the story. After many talks and ideas being passed about. Me and Adam went to set about to turn this story into a shot list for the Director to approve and then the music video could start production. We all had about a month to get everything we needed for the music video, like actors, props and locations. This happened really quickly and well thanks to Mark Fentons contacts, direction and the band getting there teeth stuck into it.

On the day of the shoot I could not get there till late in the evening which was not to bad as most of the filming was happening then. I just missed a few scenes that where shot in the day before the sun set. Adam went down earlier before me to get those shots and I came to assist for the main part of filming. While I was assisting Adam with the filming. I made sure to document the whole process and to photograph as many photos that I thought would work well for advertising the music video and also album art. Here are the BTS Photos from the shoot:

As you can see it was a great project to be involved in and there was a great bunch of people working on it. Here are the final photos for the album art and poster art I gave to the band:

As you can see they went with the blue and pink portrait for their album art from the selection of photos I gave them.

Coffee Breaths music was recorded by Hamish from Phoenix Sounds Studio. Adam Sandy edited up music video and you can watch here below:

Coffee Breath - A Familiar Feeling Original Story and Direction from Mark Fenton Adapted by Adam Sandy and Anthony Aitman Cinematography by Adam Sandy Still Photography by Anthony Aitman Produced by Escape Everything Studios Written and Performed by Coffee Breath Guest vocals from Shannon Farmer (DAME) Produced by Hamish Dickinson

Overall it was amazing to be apart of the story process for the music video as well as the photos. It is something I am going to be doing more of, so if you are a band or musician, who is looking for a music video made and photos, then get in contact with me at:

God's Broken Things - Short Film Poster Art, BTS & Screening of The Film. by Anthony Aitman

I was asked by my fellow friend and DP Adam Sandy, who I work with on many projects like Escape Sessions and Short Films to come and photograph the BTS and poster art for a short film he was working on. I of course said yes, which led me to a church in Morton just outside of Newark at around 10pm. They where filming all night long which until 5am the next day. I ended up staying that long as well so it was quite the long shoot. It was well worth it as I got some amazing photos to use for the poster art.


All these photos where taken between takes as they where practicing and figuring out how to film the scene. So I never needed to pose any of the actors. I just let them get on with it and I snapped away unnoticed.

Here are the behind the scene photos I took of one of the shoot night.

After the filming had all been completed and the film was edited up and ready to be show. They had a screening of the film at the local village where the church was they used. It was a great evening and everyone really enjoyed the film. I was lucky enough to photograph there as well.

The film has now been entered into many film festivals and we are all hoping it will win some awards. The film won’t be out for viewing for some time, so until then you can watch the trailer down below.

You can watch the trailer here:

Late at night Matthew, a young vicar, tears off his dog collar and turns to the bottle for comfort. He is waiting for a sign, a sign of approval from God. This evening will change everything. It will change the past, the present, and the future. For him and all those he holds close. Does God approve, does he even care? A Fresh AIR Films & Media production starring Joe Facer & Mark Wisdom. Edited by Alastair Railton. Cinematography by Adam Sandy. Media by Anthony Aitman.

Here is a behind the scene talk or the crew talking about what went into making the short film:

Want to see a Behind the Scenes talk on God's Broken Things with Director/Writers - Joe Facer and Mark Wisdom, Producer/Editor - Alastair Railton and Director of photography - Adam Sandy. Then check this video out! This is a Fresh AIR Films and Media production and the video was edited by Adam Sandy.

Matt & Sian Hull Autumn Family Photo Shoot by Anthony Aitman

I spent a day photographing my mates family in the beautiful village of Wadenhoe in Northamptonshire. It was a lovely autumns day with a little chill to the air, but very fresh and dry with very little clouds in the sky.

Raff (the baby) was very cheeky and full of spirt and well behaved on the shoot. I was able to get some great photos of the family together. I asked the family to wear autumn coloured clothing and bring some props which they did to a high standard. This was a massive bonus as they added to the photos colour and feel to the overall shots. the pumpkins where a lovely prop to bering that we used at the end of the day in the lovely sunset.

It was a pleasure and joy to do this photo session. If anyone would be interested in me photographing your family, then send us an enquiry at:

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