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Pet Photography at - A Dog's Life Presents A Festival For Dogs by Anthony Aitman

Here I was asked if I could offer pet photography for the festival that happens every year in the Grantham area that is run by the dog day care, A Dog’s Life Dog Day Care in Grantham. The company Mint Live was holding a stall there and they where the ones who came to me to see if we could team up and offer photography. I said yes and so the rest is history.

Mint Live sorted everything out in terms of the stall and planning for the day, while I made sure that I knew what best was needed to photograph in the not so idea environment of the outside sun and constantly changing light of the day.

Here is my basic but effect set up and our stall for the day.

Setting up for the days event.

Setting up for the days event.

I used a single off camera flash in a soft box with a silver bounce board opposite it to light the dogs up enough. To shut out the sunlight so only my flash and bounce board where doing all the lighting, I set my camera setting to have a high aperture, low ISO and high shutter speed. I also used a black background so I did not need to light the background and only needed to make sure the subject/s where only in need of being lit.

If there weather was good we could also photograph dogs getting married, (yes that is a real thing) SO you can see Amy on the left of the photo setting them up outside. We would only use sunlight to light that scene up. The weather stayed sunny but cloudy which was perfect conditions for photographing subjects outside.

It was a really fun day with lots of customers wanting their beloved dogs photographing. Here are the end results I got.

We did get to photography two dog weddings which you can see the results just here.


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Studio Dog Photography by Anthony Aitman

Every now and then I do a studio session where people can bring in their dogs to have them photographed in an artistic way. I love to shoot them in black and white as its all about the way you light them and black and white photography shows off the lighting and contrast really well.

Photographing dogs takes a lot of patience and being able to be ready to capture that split moment when the dog is posing in the way that you want to capture. As you can see I have perfected this to get some amazing shots of people beloved family members.

If you would like to have your dog photographed in the studio in black and white like these photos, please get in touch with the form down below and I will get back to.

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