Escape Sessions (Youtube Music Channel) / by Anthony Aitman

Me, my mate Adam and Hamish have been running a music channel on YouTube called, Escape Sessions. It’s a great way for us to combine our love for filming, photography and music together.

It all started with me and Adam in 2014 when we started to film our mate Charlie Russel, as he makes his own music. We have always love filming and had been doing it for a little while. So when we got a chance to film our mate doing a live session we jumped at the chance as we love music too.

Because the sound is really the most important part of the sessions, we needed a high quality sound recorder. We first started off doing it ourselves which was not the best idea. We where not the best sound recorders. It did not help that we did not have the right equipment for the job of sound recording. We where all about the video side. We where lucky enough to get Charlie to record some of our early sessions to help us out. However he was never available all the time and was busy doing his own stuff. So we needed to find someone who was going to be more committed and who’s job is recording sound. This is where Hamish came in.

Adam found Hamish on a facebook group that Hamish had advertised his services on. Adam sent him a message and Hamish agreed to meet us. The meeting went very well and the dream team was born. The great thing about having Hamish on board was, he was a professional sound recorder with his own studio and he had good contacts to bands. This made it easy to get hold of bands and to have a place to record them. Now the sound was on par with the visuals and this is the true start of Escape Sessions.

Here is the first ever session we recored when Hamish was but a twinkle in our eye:

First ever Escape Sessions Song: Don't Give Up on Me Artist: Charlie Russell Album: Distorted Vision (Acoustic)

This session was recorded on a single mic into a laptop in a field just as the sun was setting and with out lack of proper sound knowledge. It’s not the worst sound, but you can deffintly hear that we needed a proper sound recorder to become a proper music channel that was going to be taken seriously.

Here is the setup of that session. You can see Adam on the right setting up the mic on his girlfriends laptop. Yeah we did not have a laptop back then so always had to borrow one. We shot the session with two Canon 550D.

Here is the setup of that session. You can see Adam on the right setting up the mic on his girlfriends laptop. Yeah we did not have a laptop back then so always had to borrow one. We shot the session with two Canon 550D.

Now fast forward to 2018 and we have Hamish on board. This is the improvements we made to our filming and sound recording for the sessions:

We had the extremely talented Lizzy Farrall in the studio recording her song Better With!

We are all really happy now with where we are and we are starting to get some amazing bands wanting to be filmed by us. We have even filmed some music videos as well thanks to us filming live sessions. Check them out here:

Album Pre-order: 'Radio Flyer' is taken from the forthcoming debut album due for release 15th December 2017. Video produced by Adam Sandy & Anthony Aitman 2017 Islandearth ©
Coffee Breath - A Familiar Feeling Original Story and Direction from Mark Fenton Adapted by Adam Sandy and Anthony Aitman Cinematography by Adam Sandy Still Photography by Anthony Aitman Produced by Escape Everything Studios Written and Performed by Coffee Breath Guest vocals from Shannon Farmer (DAME) Produced by Hamish Dickinson

We are really proud of these two music videos and we hope to be able to shoot some more as we get more and more bands to come a shoot a live session with us.

Now we are in a really good place, 2019 will be a fantastic year for us. We already have a live session out this year with the band Red Wood, where we have filmed them a bit different from our normal in the studio sessions. We think its a really nice session and you can watch it here:

So we are onto a great start for the year and we have many more cool stuff coming up so keep your eyes peeled for it all. Until then be sure to head over to our music channel on YouTube and watch what we have done so far here: ESCAPE SESSIONS <—click link. Be sure to check out some of the photos I have taken over 2018 here as well:


If you are a artist or band and would like to be filmed by us, then give me a message on: and I shall get back to you as quick as I can.

be sure to check out our twitter and instagram for Escape Sessions here:

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