God's Broken Things - Short Film Poster Art, BTS & Screening of The Film. / by Anthony Aitman

I was asked by my fellow friend and DP Adam Sandy, who I work with on many projects like Escape Sessions and Short Films to come and photograph the BTS and poster art for a short film he was working on. I of course said yes, which led me to a church in Morton just outside of Newark at around 10pm. They where filming all night long which until 5am the next day. I ended up staying that long as well so it was quite the long shoot. It was well worth it as I got some amazing photos to use for the poster art.


All these photos where taken between takes as they where practicing and figuring out how to film the scene. So I never needed to pose any of the actors. I just let them get on with it and I snapped away unnoticed.

Here are the behind the scene photos I took of one of the shoot night.

After the filming had all been completed and the film was edited up and ready to be show. They had a screening of the film at the local village where the church was they used. It was a great evening and everyone really enjoyed the film. I was lucky enough to photograph there as well.

The film has now been entered into many film festivals and we are all hoping it will win some awards. The film won’t be out for viewing for some time, so until then you can watch the trailer down below.

You can watch the trailer here:

Late at night Matthew, a young vicar, tears off his dog collar and turns to the bottle for comfort. He is waiting for a sign, a sign of approval from God. This evening will change everything. It will change the past, the present, and the future. For him and all those he holds close. Does God approve, does he even care? A Fresh AIR Films & Media production starring Joe Facer & Mark Wisdom. Edited by Alastair Railton. Cinematography by Adam Sandy. Media by Anthony Aitman.

Here is a behind the scene talk or the crew talking about what went into making the short film:

Want to see a Behind the Scenes talk on God's Broken Things with Director/Writers - Joe Facer and Mark Wisdom, Producer/Editor - Alastair Railton and Director of photography - Adam Sandy. Then check this video out! This is a Fresh AIR Films and Media production and the video was edited by Adam Sandy.